January 16, 2018



The experiences of birth and the speed at which young kittens and puppies grow and change would almost seem magical.  Being able to enjoy this experience with a pet that you love is a very rewarding experience.  Knowing how to prevent problems and give proper care will help insure a great experience with a wonderful outcome.  Neonates are from the time pups or kittens are born until they are about 6 weeks old but proper care begins even before conception.  Neonates have special needs and…

Canine Pregnancy

Canine Pregnancy Diagnosis  Palpation: from days 21 – 31 the embryonic vesicles may be palpated  After day 31 the vesicles change shape and become very difficult to feel  After day 50 the puppies may be palpated directly  Some large dogs or dogs with a tight abdomen may cause palpation to be extremely difficult  The number of fetuses and viability usually cannot be determined using palpation alone.  (more…)