Basic Neuter Package


  1. Pre-surgical exam
  2. Pre-surgical medications & induction medications
  3. Gas anesthesia using an endotracheal tube with oxygen support
  4. Newly sterilized surgical pack & surgical drapes
  5. Sterile surgical gloves, surgical blade, and suture
  6. Anesthesia vital monitoring by trained technician
    1. Pulse oximetry
    2. ECG
    3. Blood pressure
    4. Temperature
      1. Pet is maintained on a heating pad and temperature is checked as needed.
    5. Surgery (Orchiectomy)
      1. All sutures are completely absorbable so no need for removal
    6. Surgical & Anesthesia records
    7. Client-Pet discharge information

Our commitment to compassionate care

The basic package also includes a complete stress & pain control package not always included at most veterinary practices or some spay & neuter programs:

  1. Pre-emptive (before surgery) pain control
    1. Carprofen or
      1. Opioid (pre-emptive pain control is often selected on an individual bases after assessment of the patient and lab work)
    2. Anti-Anxiety medications
      1. Some pets may have significant anxiety. Controlling this anxiety before the pet arrives improves both the comfort and safety of your pet.
      2. Please call to pick up medications at least the day before surgery. (free)
    3. Local anesthetic
      1. At area of the incision
      2. In the spermatic chord
    4. Take home pain medication for a total of 5 days
  • Small & Medium dogs up to 60 lbs. $130
  • Large dogs up to 99 lbs. $140
  • Giant dogs 100 lbs. & up $160
all prices are subject to change and not guaranteed

Safety Packages

 These packages can improve the anesthetic safety to help minimize potential complications during and after surgery.


IV Catheter & Surgical IV Fluids


  1. Intravenous Catheter and fluid set up
  2. Intravenous Fluids
    1. IV pump gives precise fluid dosing
  • $49


Pre-Surgical Blood Work


  1. Blood draw
  2. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  3. Serum Chemistry – (10 panel)
  •  $59


Pre-Surgical Electrocardiogram (ECG)


  1. Heart auscultation by veterinarian
  2. 4-lead ECG data reading
  3. Analysis by a board-certified cardiologist
  4. Complete report
  •  $65
all prices are subject to change and not guaranteed