Health Certificates


Health Certificates
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection are need for animals of all kinds crossing state lines.  This can only be done by accredited veterinarians.

Plan Early - We do not have to wait until a few days before shipment.

CVI can be done with in a 10 day window of issuing the certificate.  The certificate is then good for up to 30 days depending upon the species of animal shipped and state of import.

Planning early will help us to better serve you through more convenient scheduling and no last minute delays because of lab tests needed.

Information Needed

There is specific information we need to complete the health certificate.   We always need a physical address of the place they are going.  Please help by providing this information.

Below is a form to complete. This will insure our information is accurate.  Thank you.

or follow this link:
Health Certificate Information Form

Please let us know how we can improve.  We appreciate your input.