smart tags


Ever lost your dog and totally freaked out? Ever found a dog and couldn't find it's owner? We have an easy solution. Rabies smart tags go on your pets collar and can be scanned with any smart phone QR reader. This will alert you to the dogs identity and owner and send the owner an instant text of the gps location of your pet, stop by and get one with your Rabies shot or update your pets current Rabies tag!

Posted by Emery & Carbon Animal Health on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Smart Rabies Tags

[embed][/embed] We protect our pets from many diseases through regular wellness exams and vaccines.  Do forget, thousands of pets are lost every year simply because they do not have any identification. Smart Rabies tags are a great way, and the fastest way to get your pet back.  The only down side is that tags can get lost or wear out.  You should also have a permanent identification through the use of a microchip.